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  • Grain Flow Forged: Patented forging process ensures long, continuous grains to deliver soft, solid, consistent feel
  • 1025 Boron: A   carbon steel that features 30% greater strength
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Fine tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback
  • Quad Cut Grooves: Milled narrow/deep grooves optimized for stronger lofts and wide/shallow grooves optimized for higher lofts
  • Hydroflow Micro Grooves: Laser etched microscopic grooves help channel away moisture for maximum spin in wet conditions
  • Face Milling Lines: Increased   surface roughness to increase spin nearer the green
  • Hollow Body Construction: Achieves optimized weighting through multi-piece construction
  • Enhanced Spin Weighting: Internally weighted to achieve a scoreline center CG location with enhanced spin and vertical gear effect
  • Bounce Specific Sole Grinds: Matched   bounce and sole grind for an ideal level of versatility
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