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Go Ahead, It's Perfectly Legal

First, we twisted the face. Now, we've injected it. Speed Injected Twist Face features a revolutionary new process of calibrating every individual head to the threshold of the legal speed limit allowed by the USGA and R&A. With M5, the rest of your foursome doesn't stand a chance... get ready to send it.

The Powerful Reign Supreme

Give these guys an inch, and they'll drive it a mile. With more ball speed and accuracy with injected Twist Face, the fast just got faster.

Longer and Straighter With Twist Face

Twist face features revolutionary face curvature that has been engineered to reduce sidespin and deliver straighter shots on off-center strikes.

Make It Personal with T-Track

The redesigned T-Track includes two 10g movable weights that can be positioned to increase MOI (forgiveness) and dial in your optimal launch conditions (High-to-Low bias) and spin characteristics (left-to-right bias).

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