Scott was named to Golf Digest’s “Top Teachers in Your State” list in 2006 after his first 5-years teaching at the Kendall Academy, where he provided private and group lessons, beginner and intermediate golf schools, and junior camps. His extensive equipment knowledge and club-fitting experience comes from his work in the CLUBoratory beginning in 1999 and he continues to stay educated in the technical aspects of modern equipment. Scott prides himself on scientific knowledge. Everything he does has its roots in geometry and physics. Scott is a Certified Trackman Professional and likes to use the Trackman Launch Monitor in lessons to teach his students the “Ball Flight Laws” and how Swing Direction and Attack Angle combine to create a Club Path at impact and how the Face Angle relative to this Club Path will dictate the golf ball’s behavior.

In 2009, Scott earned his first Golf Stroke Engineering Degree and was the first and only Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine in the State of Michigan. His past work with The Golfing Machine and continued education and experience allows him to understand the golf motion from a very mechanical and technical foundation. He teaches mechanics first and how a golfer can eventually transition from mechanics to feel. But an in-depth explanation of mechanics must be the golfer’s initial priority because the golf ball does not respond to feel alone. He is also very capable of translating his technical knowledge and communicating it into easily usable information for students of all skill levels. If you are looking for a modern golf scientist then Scott would be a good fit….and keep in mind that the ball does not judge you it only reacts to the application of the instrument you hold in your hands. So be prepared to talk about how to control the club by controlling your hands.

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