Here is what Miles of Golf Customers have to say about RoosRoast.

In the world of Coffee these guys KILL IT. Lobster Butter Love and
Portland are MY two favorites but they also have many other kinds of locally roasted
blends with beans from around the world. If you want a great cup of coffee hand
made by a barista then skip on past Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts or whatever
you think is the best cup in town is and head to Roos Roast It is so good that I once
had a customer that needed a credit which I could not get done through our
computer system and he said that is ok just get me 2 pounds of Lobster Butter Love
and we will call it even. True story and DONE Michael Fedorko


Whose in the picture?  John Roos hoping to become a Ralph Laurent model.  Good luck John.


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What is RoosRoast?


RoosRoast Coffee is a life/ art/ food project that turned legit. It was born of John Roos’ mind and person, but now it’s all of us – you reading these words, the good people who work here, the coffee farmers and each and every funny encounter we have over a cup of coffee.